Hello ALL!!! I've been adding to my original comments but replies have seemed to stop. So, I started a new one. I happened to get some pretty good rest last night. Basicallly, I believe that is all that is left of my wd's. ( lack of sleep ) This I can handle. Very annoying some nights though. I find myself laughing again. Even on my bad days, I keep in mind that " I spent ALOT of money to feel this way"!!! Very sad but, very true. It's kinda funny now. Not so much at first. : ) Some how in a wierd way that gets me by. If I only had the money I've put in drugs the past 5 years, boy that would be sweet. Well unfortunately I cant get that back. BUT, I can prevent myself from ever doing that again!!! Regaining my will power has been so sweet!!! Good luck to all. Have a wonderful day!!!