hey family, ive gotten such great support here and ideas from everyone of you that i take to heart and note it down and try. lately, i have found myself in a very depressed state in my life, crying, withdrawing from everyone, feelings of despair, hopelessness, sadness, loneliness and the list is ugly and goes on. my panic attacks and anxiety is at a point where its uncontrolable for me, i hate it and dont know how or what to do. i am on prozac 40 mg, an xanax half mg 2x a day for anxiety/panic. i find myself not comming out of my room for the last 3 days, just laying there mot knowing how to feel. its a real lonely place there. does anyone whos on an opiate taper or has successfully been thu one know if all of my feelings and struggles is a part of the taper process? and what did you do to help the feelings? and how long did it all last? and thor, is it at a spot where i should drop another pill? what do you think? where should i be or should i have already have been under 12 pills. i could also use some prayers family for strenght. well ill be back with more of updates hopefully today i wont be too withdrawn. by the way its 226 am hawaii time, does anyone know how long does this sleep deprivation and gosh awefull pattern stop? thanks all, leanne