aloha family, im at day 15 of my taper, and my withdrawls seem to be worse, im not reducing too quickly, not missing my doses, and not taking more then im suppose to. i noticed that it was since i stopped the anit nausea med zofran thats given to patients going thru withdrawls from opiates and illegal street drugs, its been proven and now given because it helps minimize the withdrawls, the bad side of it, it stops your digestive system, or slows it making you constipated. sorry, lots of info, but i had to explain why i stopped taking it for now. so what im doing is using alot of tokuhan sports patch tape and that helps a great deal. my insomnia has been horrific for the last 3 days, sleeping less then 4 hours a nite, if im lucky at least 2 hours. my depression , anxiety/panic, has also gotten real bad. im still taking my xanax for my anxiety/panic and i take 1 before bed to try and induce sleep, lately it has, but i wake up from the body aches. i know within a day or two im to reduce by 1 pill, in 2 halves. im still using the treadmill daily for 15 minutes, and sometimes it seems to help, and im sure im also sweating out the toxins from the opiates and it reboots my natural endorphins, which is a good thing rite? well its 237 am hawaii time, gonna try and see if i can fall asleep. till the morning, ttyl, leanne