hey there family, i wasnt up to par this last couple days and could barely get myself to do anything. im still at 12 pills, and on my bad days, still taking 12 and not more like i want. the zofran is helping tremendously and the sports tokuhan patches i use helps also. for a couple days as much as it helps the withdrawls, i stopped the zofran because i believe it may be the culprit of tummy trouble. so now soon, ill be reducing again and of course the brain and body is already giving me a hard time, but i will do this!!! this isnt an option for me. my depression and anxiety/panic has been real bad, feeling low and doing a lot of crying and found myself sleeping alot more. the body aches was pretty decent yesterday but at 145 am hawaii time i woke up with withdrawls. so here i am, doing my devotions, praying and hanging out with my family here. take care, and ill be back, leanne