... 9 days of stomach aches. immodium ad is a wonder drug for the poops. xanax helped me for the anxiety but dont really like taking it. that's all ive taken to get me thru withdrawals besides a couple nights out with the fam and a couple drinks. i feel tired still and have the infamous yawns and this is day 12. I was on about 10 perc 10's the round watsons per day for a good year. everybody's addiction is different but for some reason this time was the worst. i have been thru it atleast 5 times and everytime the w/ds got worse. But im happy to say that i am done for GOOD!!! i have a 10 month old son and a wife that need my attention more then the stupid pills that would just hide pain and make it seem like everything was okay. i thought i should start a new topic these seem a little outdated so whoever wants to talk about opiate addiction or withdrawal ive been thru it all