I am on day 12 and I feel so agitated and angry, I am a mom and wife I need my life back a few things I started out on effexor for 2 weeks before this and the side effects where horrendous, so I stopped that and started the cymbalta the next day I have had a bit of relief as far as not laying in my bed feeling like I was dying from nausea but I am shaky and almost angry. I have trouble sleeping and have recruited myself to the basement couch so I do not wake up to every little noise. I force myself to take the kids to school and dinners etc I just want to know why I can not get relief am I hoping things will move along faster and just not being patient enough?
I can't stand the way I feel line I am on the verge of panic all the time I am very aware of how my body feels at all times and I am trying not to but I smoke when I am stressed I feel like a wreck. Oh also my hands are sweaty and I feel the need to bath 2-3 times a day lol cleanest depressed person I know :p I am normally the type of person that is go go and I desperately want myself back

Anyone ever feel super shaky and agitated? Again I'm on day 12