I recently started taking Zoloft for my panic disorder and depression. For a week, my psychiatrist had me only taking half a 25mg pill. Now for the past few days I've been taking the whole 25mg, and in two weeks I am supposed to move up to the target dose of 50mg. I don't know if I'm just really sensitive to this stuff or what, but I've been bouncing back and forth from being in total panic mode, to feeling fine, to being so depressed it takes everything within me not to burst into tears in the checkout line at the grocery store (that just happened about 2 hours ago). I've also been a lifetime sufferer of nightmares and occasional sleep paralysis, and the Zoloft has made my nightmares worse, extremely vivid, and last night I had sleep paralysis for the first time in months. My doctor told me I might have some increased anxiety so she gave me Xanax as well, which has definitely been a lifesaver, but it has still all become very overwhelming. When I reach those extreme lows I say to myself "there is NO WAY I am going to continue with these meds, it's all too much," but so far the Xanax has helped me come down from those moments for the most part and then I'm just left confused like where I am now. Should I expect this to pass and just tough it out? I've seen so many mixed things online and I just don't know what to do--I'm feeling very discouraged. Any advice or feedback at all is appreciated.