She has taken this for over two years. Over the last year it wasincreased to 27mg. In July, just like you had switched on a light switch, she began having increased thirst, shaking, like tics, and excessive urination. I took her to her pediatrician, they were thinking she had developed a thirst habit. She was going to the bathroom every hour at night, she never woke up before to do this. After a month of getting no better her doctor referred her to a pediatric urologist, 4 hours away from home. He spends about 15 minutes with us and he tells me this is a constipation problem. I got so upset. When I got home I searched the internet and found concerta can cause dry mouth, I guess that would increase your thirst. She also takes prozac for anxiety. I quit giving her both meds. Saturday will be two weeks. Her thirst has calmed down some along with the shaking. It seems the shaking is good one day and gets bad another day. I was wondering if anyone had this problem while taking this medication. Thank you