... to knowone never left the house ect. she is now 21. and her behaviour is appaulling she is agressive and hits me. her language is vile and she just dosent care about no one she isent the daughter that i had before going on this medication. she is rude shouts all the time she also has a gyncholigical problem where she bleeds most of the time with clots he has aneamis always sleeping does nothing what so ever to help me and as a mother i feel as though my daughter hates me and i have always put her first its heart breaking she also self harms she has no special needs or anything like that and is ver intelligent but her mood swings and the way she treats me is not what you would exspect from a 21 year old daughter. i have thought for sometime that its the tablets. what do you think her fther recently after 22 years somehow committed fraud that actually allowed him to just throw me and my daughter from our family home of 19 years on to the streets when i was a joint owner and he was legaly still responsable for providing a home but he got his self one, and just left us and he even stole all our belongins which has affected us both very badly but she seems to think i did it. she is so comfused as it should never have hppened it was all done behind our backs we have both suffered what i can only describe as hell and acts of cruelty that i have never known and it will effect her and my self for the rest of our lifes niether of us have a thing in our lives its all gone and i cry for her as she should be having the time of her life now not having to deal with this but her father just dosent care but she wont have a word said against him. he has desroyed both of our whole way of living in every aspect i also suffer with mental illness and iam on prozac but its got to the point that iam so stressed and had so much to deal with i can barely look after my self. ALL SUFFERING IS CAUSED BY IGNORANT SELFISH PEOPLE.