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I have a daughter who is on morphine sul tab 15mg ER and has ben for 10 months is ths normal?

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kaismama 9 Feb 2013

The only thing abnormal is that she is still only on 15mg. after 10 months.

Buddy1971 9 Feb 2013

It depends on what she's taking it for,but after 10 months she'd still have problems stopping without getting sick.

DzooBaby 10 Feb 2013

If she has pain this is an acceptable dose. I assume she takes it more than once per day? Many people can be on pain meds for years and not have any problems. She may be physically dependent on the medication (meaning she has withdrawal symptoms if she doesnt take it) but this does NOT mean that she is addicted. Addiction is a completely different thing. The media right now wants to have everyone believe that taking opioid pain meds is horrible and that everyone who takes them is an addict and this is very far from the truth. If she were diabetic and on insulin would you be concerned because she takes insulin every day? Probably not. Chronic pain is just like any other chronic illness and sometimes pain meds have to be taken every day to keep it under control and allow someone to have a good quality of life.

PoisonAlice 14 Feb 2013

If she's in pain, then it's "normal" for her to be on this. Normal is a relative term, anyways. There are a lot of people out there who live with chronic pain that have been on pain medication for years. And I agree with others here, 15 mg of morphine is a relatively low dose for an extended release medication. free discount card

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