I have a daughter that was a college athelete/runner. To make a long story short, well, fatigue hit her big time. Her trainers did all sorts of tests and found "nothing wrong. " she was also gaining weight, depressed, and losing hair before she quit the team, and all with her practicing for 4-5 hours a day! Now she is still losing hair, gaining, etc. We finally had her hormones tested. She is trying the climara patch since her estradiol was very very low--as was her progesterone. She is on a very low dose (we cut the. 05 patch into 1/4). After trying the full patch for four days, 1/2 a patch of that dosage for a few days, and now 1/4 of that dose. Again, after 4 days of the 1/4 she feels horrible emotionally, has headaches, hair loss continues, etc. When we have cut the doseages each time, she feels better for about two days. Have any of you been on the patch and have not been able to find a correct doseage? Does she stick it out for a few more days? I have found that too much estradiol plus too little produce almost the same symptoms!!! I don't know what to do! Our doctor isn't a lot of help knowing what to do as well. . . . I personally started the patch about 3 months ago and am finding the same problems with myself.