Yesterday I was alerted to the fact that my/our daughter has been diagnosed with first stage asthma, slight anxiety and depression... She has only been prescribed medication for the asthma which is prednisone 10 mg tabs, take 2 a day for four days, then 1 a day for four days and the remainder amount take 1/2 one a day until gone... Her inhaler that she is using every 4 hours or as needed, and will be taking it to school is Ventolin HFA. I am wondering about the experiences, any side effects and what to expect with a child on this same drug. I am very nervous with my girl having to be on any medications at all because of my own personal history and I just do not want her to land in the same boat. At an early age she had been diagnosed with seasonal allergies, all 3 of my biological children have been diagnosed with this and will or have been through all of the pollen nightmares, animal hair, smoke, and so on... itchy red watery eyes, sneezing, runny nose, a hay fever like thing... irritable, dry mouth and scratchy throat. Their biological father suffer's from the same things, it runs in his family. Would like to hear opinions and short stories of similar medical diagnoses and how I can make it easier on her... thank's your groupie'''''''blaze22