My daughter is on prednisone and is already not liking the effects that she is feeling... slightly nervous, uptight, the after taste she says it leaves in her mouth, and the erratic sleeping... does all this smooth out over time and when and how do they decide if she will have to be on this medication for more than a month... Just how quickly can a person/child, be diagnosed with asthma? I mean this just came out of no where and she has never shown signs of giving out, or short of breath in her sports or outdoor activity... my daughter is one of those out-doorsy types, she loves animals, horses, climbing trees, nature walks, biking among many other things... this really is upsetting for the both of us, more her than me... as for the inhaler she seems to be doing ok with that and is using it up to 5 times a day, 2 puffs... It would help to know of other's suffering from the 1st stage asthma, a little more about prednisone, 10mg dosages, and the fact that she does suffer from seasonal allergies... blaze22