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What can I do to help my daughter who has just been diagnosed with placenta praevia?

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kaismama 12 Sep 2014

How far into the pregnancy? She will have to rest so I'm sure she can use help with the home. There isn't anything you can do about the condition itself. If she should start bleeding heavily she needs to go to the hospital immediately.

mummzy 13 Sep 2014

Hi thank you very much, was kind of looking for words of encouragement for her as well... I dont really know what to say to her except, "don't worry everything will be ok" But I did do some reading on it & found that she should eat more red meat & dark leafy vegetables to keep her iron levels up...
Thank You Again for your info...

HPoole 13 Sep 2014

She needs to remain off her feet as much as possible. I know that sounds boring, but it is a very fragile state of being. Encourage bed rest.

endlessPred 14 Sep 2014

Bed rest. Hugs. Laughter. Reassure her that you are there for her. Take her to appointments. Be sure the father is involved as much as possible, if he is around. Make her special meals from childhood.

I spent 6 weeks on bedrest. It was very scary being alone. My husband was traveling a lot. For the times when I had a visitor it was so much easier. Help arrange a place for her to lay down during the day and her bedroom is comfortable for the night. Buy her a new nightgown. In other words, she remains your daughter forever and what made her happy and secure when younger will help now. And most of all with that love, be sure that you listen. Being listened to is important to hear her fears. You can't fix it and she doesn't need to dwell on it. Acknowledge it. She will be fine is the most important thing to hear. Support, making lunches ahead, doing the laundry and such is what you can do for her. Wishing her luck. And be sure she doesn't over gain the weight while being inactive. It will make things worse for her. No dieting. Just a balanced diet.

mummzy 14 Sep 2014

Thank You Soooo Much... I will take your advise... I would never have thought about buying her some comfy jammies to lounge around in, or for bed time... I have already warned her that I was totally looking forward to spoiling my baby girl big time... lol...
Thank You
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