My 17 year old pregnant daughter has been recently diagnosed with a Hep C ( a very low level) Her Dr said after she had the baby she needs to get an appt with a Dr who deals with it. OK my questions can the baby contract it, when she gets treatment after the baby's born can it go away, could the baby's daddy the only one my daughter has ever had sex with have given this to her, he needs to be tested because if she dose get treated and gets rid of it and the daddy has it he will give it back to her. I can't bring it up to her without her getting very angry with me what for I do please help. I want to help my daughter She seems to think after the baby is born it will disappear Im thinking about talking to the Dr about this I'm don't know what to do when she gets mad when I try to talk to her about it. Any advise would be apricated. What kind of treatment will they offer? I'm sorry for all the questions I'm so worried about my daughter and granddaughter.