... symptoms include chronic fatigue, lack of moti action or desire to do anything that I used to enjoy. I barely get out of bed any more and you can forget going to any store because I have panic attacks thinking about all the germs that are going to get on my baby. My ob/gyn prescribed Zoloft 50mg daily but after 13 days I found myself in he emergency room with a severe migraine. I tried to just not take anything for about 10days after that but I got worse. So I called and he prescribed wellbutrin xl 150mg daily and Lorazapam 0.5 mg as needed for panic attacks. I have been on this regimen for exactly 30 days with very little improvement. I'm still in bed 70% of the time and I still don't want to be around anyone at all. I get so frustrated and sad because I cannot even focus long enough to write in my baby's baby book. Something always distracts me. My mind just won't turn off. I would greatly appreciate any advice because I cannot live like this. I want my life back and I want to get out of the bed.THANK YOU IN ADVANCE