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My daughter has an allergy to iodine in seafood. Is iodine an ingredient in metformin?

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canaryrow 22 May 2016

I tried to respond to your question days ago. But the site still shows 0 responses.
Try looking under a website: dailymed from government's NIH information.. Search using the drug name and chemical makeup. Unlike many other info sites, you can see and read the actual chemical formulae for medications. You can also get this information from your pharmacist (generally when getting your Rx filled). You have to "ask for the drug's pharmaceutical insert."
Iodine is not listed as an ingredient (active or inactive) of metformin. Povidine, by itself (just Povidine not povidine iodine) is listed as an inactive ingredient of metformin.
Iodine, itself, comes from almost any sea source but is also in land based nutrients as well.
I have lots of allergies, it made a difference in the limitations I am forced to deal with, when, early on, I started to learn about what seems a slight difference in pharmaceutical and food product ingredients.
Povidine iodine/iodide and povidine are not the free discount card

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