... Soiled undergarments still happen, but that is not my problem. My problem is "Why" can't her constipation be controlled? Please no encopresis suggestions we have been going to Ped. GI's since she was 4! We have tried it all, gallons of Miralax have went through my child. The last GI told us she had too much calcium in her blood, but that wasn't a big concern. I have now read a lot about effects of too much calcium in the body, but it's on taking supplements! My child has never liked milk, cheese, rarely even ice cream. I have never given her supplements. How can her body have too much calcium? I am convinced that that is the chronic constipation problem, along with processed foods (sodium) and hydration. How can I balance her calcium in her body? Magnesium? Postassium... sorry folks but I am sure I see a light at the end of the tunnel (no pun intended). Also lots of stress lately. Please try to keep this off the encopresis cure. I need to be able to sway a Doctor off the rhetoric... Love you guys and sorry for the long post! God Bless, Sweetpea