Hi All, Friday I had spent the whole afternoon at the hospital. One of the things I had to do was to have my annual mammogram, which was painful this time. I think it was due to the fact that I have a chest port now, and because they get a hold of your boob so tight, and then they squash your boob to the point of squashing the living day lights out of it. I still find it hard to believe when I hear a women say you don't feel a thing. I got my clothes back on and I get called back into the room because they needed to a ultrasound of my boobs now, so I started to panic inside wondering OMG what now. There was a bump under my right armpit that the tech person could see and flagged it to the Dr, so after I got undressed again, it turned out to be nothing but a fat pocket and have to return if it starts hurting or gets much bigger.
Then I had an appointment for my second round of the Botox for my migraines, which I was
dreading because deep down I really didn't want this done again. The first round didn't do nothing at all to help with the Migraine pain, But it did make sense to try one more time as my specialist said, she has had plenty of other patients that things didn't change until the second round. So she gave me a lot more units, the first round was 155 units and this second round was 200 units. I think she said it was about 45 injections, but I have to say their were many that were really painful this time. You know the type of injection that keeps on stinging, there were many on this second round. I know some of you might be saying what a baby or it has to be better then having the migraine pain, yes but when your body is so sensitive to what seems to be everything it does make a big difference.
So will I have it again, I would have to see a great deal of difference or enough to want to give it another go. I am really hoping I do see some difference because it is really taking a toll on me living the way I am with all this pain, I think if only I would see a slight change then I would be more encouraged that this might be working for me.
I hope everyone is having a nice weekend, and if you are like some of us who still suffer so bad take advantage of those ok moments, because this is what will get you through all the suffering that we have to go through better. Liz.