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Can one date a person who is on medication for life for thyroid?

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Inactive 17 Nov 2012

Yes, I do not see why not.

Click on the link for improtant information:

Take care,


meyati 18 Nov 2012

Hi, I'm wondering why the person with thyroid problems is talking about thyroid B4 the first date. That isn't normal-probably even with thyroid cancer. I'm wondering if the person asking is wisely wondering about the fact that the thyroid person seems to want a support system B4 the first date. If this is the case-the person that asked about thyroid should run for their life. If the person that wants to date-requested a list of all medications- that person should also run away as fast as they can, instead of turning in a list of medications. It sounds like there are more things going on than just needing a link to the thyroid gland-and T3 and T4.

Inactive 17 Nov 2012

Hello mickyi and welcome . You certainly can. Regards pledge

kaismama 17 Nov 2012

Why in heavens not? Of course you can, what does thyroid med have to do with anything?

dragonmist 17 Nov 2012

I am wondering what would stop you?

happybrandee 17 Nov 2012

Of course you can!! There is no reason why you shouldn't!!

smileyhappy 17 Nov 2012

Hi mickyi,

Why would you think that you could not date someone who takes meds for the thyroid? It's not a desease you can catch you know. It's just something wrong in the Endocrine system. That's all!

meyati 18 Nov 2012

WHY WOULD U KNOW THAT A PERSON THAT U R THINKING OF DATING IS TAKING THYROID? USUALLY THAT'S SOMETHING THAT ONLY THE PATIENT-DOCTOR-PHARMACIST-AND SIGNIFICANT OTHER KNOWS ABOUT. People on thyroid can be very stable mentally and emotionally-if that's your concern--- if this person is "Whacko", there are probably other problems -like bi-polar-schizo or just plain messed up. If that's the case-and you sound like you don't want to date a person with problems-run for your life and their good. If this person has odd behavior and is blaming it on thyroid-that's not a good sign. Maybe this person has thyroid cancer or something--- why would that be talked about before the first date--- excuse-but that sounds like a needy person in many ways. Also there isn't anything wrong in not wanting to commit to being a support system B4 there is a relationship. If nothing else-it sounds like this person has a case of the "sorries" and wants pity.

endlessPred 19 Nov 2012

Of course, no different than a person with allergies. Just something the person has. Should you get to the point of thinking marriage, then worry about things like debt, respect, and all the really important things in life. A person can get this condition at any age. So could you. Are you dateable? Yes. Have fun.

tnl3 20 Nov 2012

Hi,im 34 ive been on thyroid medication 4 ten yrs,its not catchy,but my father has it,&his 4 sisters has it plus his mother(my grandma)has it so i guess u can inherit it through the family.Hope this helps Yes u can date someone who takes thyroid medicine,i take seizure & thyroid medicine & i dated & then got married & had a baby.good luck free discount card

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