I'm so glad someone else understands and misses the Darvocets like I do.
They were my best friend for nearly 15 years. I have headaches. Okay really bad ones!!
This sounds crazy I know, but I have had a headache from the time I go to bed until I wake for nearly 17 years now. Noone can really figure out what is wrong with me. They diagnosed me with Degenerative DD. I have tried many many pills and am so sick of them. I had no relief until finally getting a combination that worked. Tramadol-Darvocet-Flexeril.

That was my magic potion. Now it is gone and I haven't been the same since. :( Any advice or suggestions appreciated. I am now prescribed Percocet-Tramadol-Ativan and the relief is just not there. I feel like I'm hopped up but really really depressed.

I told this to my doctor. Letting him know I'm really anxious and sad. I don't want to do anything and its not like me at all. At one time in my life, I was energetic and happy. No longer that person now. :(

I try to keep a smile on or appear chipper for my family who needs me dearly, but my smile has faded and I can't seem to pull myself out of it.
This doctor dropped me a few days ago and now I'm a mess.
I believe his license came from a Cracker Jack box.

My pain management doctor dropped me reason being- I am a hyphochondriac. Oh my gosh! No I'm not! A freakin' mess YES!

Just recently I lost my job and I knew just this would lead to depression, because my idle mind is a killer. Due to working so many hours, I had been putting off having several test run. Everything from the dermatologist with skin cancer concerns, mams/ultrasounds and 2 surgeries for breast/uterine issues. They have me a nervous wreck! I can't even face it all.

I showed the headache pain Dr. some of the appointments and paperwork from the ob/gyn and breast exams I have seen. It shows where they are scheduling all of the testing and procedures I need.
He didn't even look at them. Not a glance.

This isn't the first time I've been upset to tears with him. Its almost like it gives him some kind of pleasure from having me under his control and to crush me without a second thought. :(

I can't stop crying and things really stink right now. The more I cry the more my head pounds. I've been taking everything in the medicine cabinet from Tylenols to Benadryls and the entire collection of pills I've aquired over the years. I'm afraid doing this and feel angry at myself and the doctor.

I'm so tired.