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Darvocet-N 100 - number of milligams of acetominophen in one darvocet-N100?

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Buddy1971 14 Dec 2009

This should have been an easy question but I had to go to more than one site. didn't help,but I found out it has a boat load of Tylonol in it,650mg!! I wouldn't take more than one,actully I wouldn't take it at all. There are alot of better less liver damaging drugs out there. About 2 months ago I saw a news report about the FDA wanting to pull percocet & vicodin off the market. The U.S is stupid because you can't get hydrocodone with out something else in it ,unlike oxcycodone which is stronger you can get just oxycodone! In Canada you can get sraight hydrocodone,mabey it is alot stronger in the un-cut form. Darvocett n 100 has a week opiate(propoxiline) I'm sure I spelled it wrong,but I'd stay away from it. I have a very serous neck injury & only before my first operation did they have me on Vicodin & then it was only 5/325. Now none of my pain meds have tylonol. It's your choice but I would ask for something with at least alot less tylonol in it. Good luck.

barbles2413 14 Dec 2009

I believe there is 650mg of acetominophen in Darvocet N 100. If you have a need to know exactly try calling your pharmacist but from my research it indicates 650mg. Hope this helps free discount card

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