Hello, first off, I am ruling out pregnancy because I take my pills religiously and this discharge has clots.
Implantation bleeding =/= clots.
But, I am currently on Yasmin for PCOS. The week before my "placebo week", I started experiencing thick brown discharge that resembles poop (sorry for my irreverent speech), and it didn't have a scent but it was embarrassing so I didn't have sex due to shyness from the discharge...
I am currently on Placebo day 3 and this morning, I wiped and saw some red and thought for sure my period came.
That was not the case. I've just been having on going dark brown discharge, heavier than usual with occasional clots here and there.

Does this mean I won't have a period this week, technically?

I'm thinking of shortening my placebo week and starting a new pack to see if it helps.

Thank you