Ok so i didnt cum in my gf but i feared precum so we got plan b like an hour after. She started feeling cramps like 2 days after. Lasted like 2-3 days but got better within the time. Just yesterday she told me that she has spotting of red blood but doesn't experience any cramps. Her period is supposedly supposed to come tommorow (aug 29) we had sex aug 21. Im sure she wasnt in ovulation cus its almost her period date. Ive researched so much and ik spotting is normal, her ovulation checks out, side effects check out but im still worried. Uhm the spotting only lasted for two days. I think her period will come late but I don't want her getting nervous as it may delay it aswell. I just want some reassurance or atleast some honesty on if she might be pregnant. Also i didnt cum in her, we're just worried about precum