A friend of mine yesterday a man I'm dating ( who is type 2 diabetic and is not supposed to much drink alcohol and ive seen how strange he acts when he does and it concerns me ) . ( he is 58 I am 54) We went out last evening to dinner and he only had iced tea but then in the car rinsed his mouth with listerine , then I said I guess you'll need to spit out the door on the ground he said WHY ? I swallow it all the time. I said .. there is alcohol in it and also toxic ingredients. He is very picky about foods he eats and tastes and I was shocked he could swallow it. He said it's fine and he's always done it. Am I wrong to think #1 he is getting a buzz doing this a few times a day and also could be a factor in the "diabetes" control and alcohol issue. This is NOT a dumb man , he is very intellegent but when it comes to his diabetes management , he was never even trained by a endo or a dietitician. and says his Dr said wine is fine because its different than sugar. Thanks for help... I keep feeling red flags ( easpecially since my ex was a functioning alcoholic )