I was prescribed Hydromet(as needed/every 4 hours) for bronchitis, and my doctor also advised me to take Robitussin DM every 4 hours throughout the day. I have chosen to take the Hydromet only once I'm home for the night, to avoid drowsiness during the day. I took 1 tsp around 8, and my cough was still pretty rough about so I took a second tsp about 2 1/2 hours ago(it is now 1:45). I'm planning on going to bed an hour or so, but I don't want to take more of the Hydromet, because I've already taken 2 doses tonight, about 3-3 1/2 hours apart. But if my cough has not subsided and I'm still having trouble sleeping by then, would it be dangerous to take a regular dose(10ml) of the Robitussin DM(because it contains dextromethorphan, and I've read that using both suppressants could cause respiratory issues) before bed after the Hydromet earlier? Or another dose of Hydromet? Neither and tough it out?