... almost 40... i have been on my share of pain meds for it. none of them worked. my neurologist who i have been going to for over 2 years.. put me on lamictal daily which is ok... it is non addicting thank goodness... however the pain reliever is addicting. she gave me fioricet with instructions of only 2 pills once a week. that didn't work so i increased to 4 pills per week.. that worked for a while..then it just kept going from there... i would tell myself at least it's not everyday... every other day at best... this last headache round has been going for 3 weeks. lots of pain with this one..so what do i do... increase the dose.. the fioricet intake is up to 3 pills daily. the sad thing is... it is all i think about.. trying to space them out just to keep the pain somewhat dulled... i know this is not good and i will be addicted to or already addicted to it. i guess i will manage some how and try to keep it to 3 daily.. less if i can manage it... i have spent my week conflicted over many things which has not helped. the headache makes everything much worse.. i do at least have a friend in my corner who has been addicted to pain meds before... he is trying to help where he can... we will see how it goes