My Dad (76) Just Recently Found Out That he Has The Hepatitis C Virus. He Had Gotten a Blood Transfusion 42 Years Ago From a Major Operation Which He Was Given 27 Pints Of Blood. According To His Family Doctor It Has Been Dormant For All Of These Years. Is That Even Possible?? But My Main Question Is That Should He Even Bother With The Treatment At His Age? Besides Hep C, He Is Healthy, Lifts Weights Daily, And Always Eats A Healthy Well Balanced Meals Daily. Along With Different Vitamins.
My Main Concern Is That The Side Effects Of The Medicine "Sovaldi" (sofosbuvir) 400mg Once A Day, Plus An Interfuron Shot Once A Week For 12 Weeks Could Actually Harm His Health, Or Possible Death. He Cant Stand The Thought Of Dying From Liver Cancer. But I Was Told That He Will Probably Die From Something Else First Because Of His Age. IM VERY CONFUSED ON WHAT HE SHOULD DO???