... treatment because I am an immunocompetent adult. I also happen to be a family physician. Subsequently, in January-February of 2011, I developed SEVERE pins-and-needles, spinothalamic-type pain that was intermittent, extremely sharp, migratory and seemed to focus on the cutaneous nerves. I had several small, bilateral white dots on flair images of an MRI with gadolinium (finally done in April 2011) that I believe look pretty classic for CMV in my opinion. My neurologist was reluctant to definitively say it was CMV that caused my symptoms or these MRI changes because he is an adult neurologist without a lot of infectious disease experience and because these findings are somewhat non-specific in his opinion and he has seen similar MRIs in migraineurs (I have mild-moderate migraines), who hopefully had been tested for HIV. Anyway, I wonder if other patients have described the pins-and-needles pain like this or if I should be more worried about possible MS, and whether anyone out there might be willing to look at my imaging