I had a cystic acne popped up on my jawline a couple of days ago. It got bigger in time and I couldn't help to take my hands off my chin. It finally turned into a huge bump as I disturbed it and tried to squeeze the head for several times yesterday. The swell is along my jawline and reposes on my neck (gripy lower jawbone and submaxillary area). I am actually worried about the probability that I have damaged not only my skin tissues and capillaries but also the lymphotic glands and ducts. I have been checking under my jaw and around my neck if any distinct hardness or nodule exist but it the swell and pain is more like spreaded over a broad area rather than being condensed upon a specific point.
Back to yesterday, after the occurrance of the bump and ache, I took an Augmentin pill (1000 mg) and but only realized today (when I attempted to take the second) that it was expired (2.5 months). What to do for now? In terms of antibiotics? Should I go on with the same one (a new package of Augmentin) or any other is acceptable or some other is better for my case? Or should I keep away from taking any more pills, just apply oinment (Fucitec) and watch the process?

Thanks in advance.