I started taking Cymbalta the in May 2011 and stopped taking it in January 2015. After a couple months I started having all kinds of aches and pains that I never knew I had. And I had my arm go numb on my left side which I had my rotator cuff repaired back in 2002, and had no problems up until 2015. Not that I haven't had pain in my neck and shoulder and have some degenerative disc disease but this pain was so unbearable I wanted to saw my arm off. And although it's still not in the greatest shape through physical therapy chiropractor needling massage and just about anything else I can try. During the time I took Cymbalta I had lots of bruises it had no clue where I got them. And I was also very depressed, and had no motivation, it wasn't until after I got off the Cymbalta that always different pains and urinary problems and stomach issues started popping up and are can still having to deal with these issues. But I no longer have the depression that I had when I was on Cymbalta and I also notice when I run into things that there's a pain identified with it.