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Cymbalta - would running out of this medication make someone sick?

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mfpdfibro 10 Jun 2010

Yes, absolutely it would. The symptoms from withdrawal from Cymbalta will vary from person to person. When I withdrew from Effexor (similar chemical medication) I had severe vision problems, headache, dizziness, nausea. Honestly it was worse then detoxing off of the Fentynl patch (morphine). I have done some research and have heard that the best way to detox off of it is to take one every other day for a week. Then pour out 25% of the capsule and take that every other day for a week. Then pour out 50% of the capsule and take every other day for a week, then 75% every other day for the next week. Keep a few on hand just in case you have any returning symptoms after the last week where you only actually took 25% of the medication because you dumped out the other. If you have any symptoms the first week that you are completely off then take one of them and then you should be good to go. Good luck!! I really hope this helps you.

kytteneyes 10 Jun 2010

Yes, if you find yourself unable to get medication filled call your doctor for some samples till you can get a refill. If you are wanting to get off of medication at this time ask your doctor how to wean yourself off. There may be more side effects to come if stopping suddenly. free discount card

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