I switched from Lexapro to Cymbalta half a year ago, as I felt Lexapro may not be taking care of some depression I was feeling. My main diagnosis is General Anxiety Disorder. I'm also 51 years old and read that Cymbalta could help with an overactive AKA "touchy" bladder. Cymbalta (30 mg) seemed great for a few months, then I started to have headaches, especially in the am, some migraine and feeling tired. My eye site became someone blurry. Also felt more depressed again so wondered if I needed a higher dosage, so started on 60 mg a day. I felt very good for about a week or a little longer, then side effects like migraine came back with a vengeance. I lowered my dosage once again, about a month ago but kept having morning headaches. Also over imbibed one evening on wine (not really that much though) and had the hangover of my life! Since this happened I had nearly daily morning headaches, and weird eye site. A week ago I decided to start going off Cymbalta, and take a dose every other day. I took my last dose 3 days ago. I haven't had a headache for a couple days, BUT my eyes are acting a bit strange and this morning I could "hear" my eyes moving. Yes I know this is really strange. I also have some tinnitus. And, feeling very tired and a little lightheaded. Please let me know if you've experienced anything like this. Thank you so much and all the best!