I've been on Cymbalta for nearly 2 years. I was on 60mg for a year, then 120mg for a few months before being upped to 180mg earlier this year. All done by my doctor.

Last week I was taken off it completely. I was put on another medication but that has no affect on what I've found out is withdrawal from cymbalta. I now know that I was on a ridiculously high dose of cymbalta but I don't know if that affects the level of withdrawal I have. If that's even a thing. God, I hate this second guessing thing. It drives me crazy. As does my rambling.

Anyway. I can't get back to see the above mentioned doctor for at least a month (long waiting times). And from past experience, other doctors won't touch the regular medication I'm on (so I won't be able to get back on a small dose of cymbalta and I don't really want to anyway). Can someone please help? Whatever I'm feeling is really sucking and I'd like it to stop. I've read that many have gone on Prozac. I can't say I know too much about that. Is that the only or best option?

Any help is appreciated, sorry for any incoherency or rambling etc...

I would like a direct answers but if someone has anything additional they'd like to add I don't want to limit it. My first post..sorry..