I am 23 years and female. I have been prescribed 30 MG of Cymbalta for anxiety. My anxiety isn't so much panic attack as everyday constant take of fear. It has completely taken over my life. From checking my heart rate and to having trouble taking head ache medicine because of side effects. Some days I can barley eat because of it. Of course having anxiety makes it hard to take an antidepressant. I have asthma and I have read that it could be dangerous. Plus I'm over weight, I have lost 43 pounds and I don't plan on taking anything that will reverse that. I'm very nervous about it raising my blood pressure or my heart rate. The side effects scare the hell out of me. All that put a side I can not live like this, being anxious and sad all the time. I have missed family vacations, parties, etc. I just want to feel normal again. My anxiety started 7 months ago and has completely taken over my life. So I guess my question is how do I get over this fear or should I listen to my gut and not take this medicine?