Has anyone else had this experience? I have been on this med for 5 years. In the beginning it seemed to help a little, which after having been on many SSRI's and then not working, even a little help was great. I continued on this and have had so many health issues and side effects that it wasn't until I was out of options and decided to change the cymbalta that I've put it all together. The problems I've had came on one by one and slowly over years. I developed bad headaches, muscle and joint pain that I never had before, GI problems, boughts of the worst depression I've ever had, SO sleepy and worn out all the time, no emotion, wanted to do NOTHING. I was just existing and not living. I was miserable and it took me coming off of this drug to realize how much damage it did to my life. Thank the Lord above, I have been off of it for 8 days and it's like someone turned a switch. I feel so much better and like myself mentally. Physically I'm still feeling some withdrawal symptoms but, it's all worth it to know what has been causing all of my problems the past few years. I was to a point I just wanted to feel normal, it didn't have to be good or great but, like myself and NOW I do.
Anyone else have that fog lifted?