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Should Cymbalta be taken in the AM or PM ?

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WildcatVet 6 Feb 2013

Hi, t! It depends only on what works best for you. Some doctors say p.m. because some people have trouble with nausea, headache, and drowsiness. From reading what people have said in other forum discussions, it seems to be about 50/50 either way. It would be best to try it first as prescribed if your doctor was specific about the time.
Best wishes, WC

Inactive 6 Feb 2013

Hello tsmith3829. Upon reviewing your inquiry, it depends upon the diagnosis. (Cymbalta is perscribed off label for various conditions) Regards pledge

lady2882 26 Feb 2013

I take it in the morning as it can't be taken with the other medication I take which is taken at night only. My pharmicist said it would be better if I took it in the morning with food so that's what I do. I do have some problems with nausea but found as long as I eat something every couple of hours and don't try to eat a big meal that I do okay. free discount card

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