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Cymbalta - is it better to take it in the mornining or before bed?

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LaurieShay 14 May 2012

I always took it in the morning so to prevent insomnia. It did make me tired though. Guess it really depends on how it affects you. What is important is to take it consistently every 24 hours.

balbanese 15 May 2012

This stuff made me so loopy I have to stop taking it, that said, if I took it at night I tended to sleep harder. Hope this helps.

balbanese 15 May 2012

typo; "had to" not "have" to, Sorry.

katstew 15 May 2012

I took it in the morning, as per the docs orders. Got a bit sleepy in the afternoon - not too bad though.
PS: The only meds I would take at night are sleeping aids.

Inactive 15 May 2012

Hello cape234. Generally people take it in the morning. However personal preference rules. Regards, pledge

mrsuramkin 16 Jun 2012

I always took mine at night because it made me a little sleepy. Also, at first, the side effects were a little rough and it was easier to sleep through them and they were better in the morning. Of course, it is very important to take it the same time each day. Good luck!

Inactive 17 Jun 2012

I always took mine in the morning. But I was a hopeless insomniac before I ever started SSRI's or SNRI's, and I never had any side effects either. Guess I'm weird.
Peace and have a good nights sleep.
Sweet Hippie

Inactive 17 Jun 2012

I had too many issues for one med to handle. When I stopped Cymbalta, I just stopped. Nothing different. Same with Prozac, Celexa... but I was very sick. ECT seemed to help some.

Inactive 17 Jun 2012

But I'm very stable on lamotrigine and clonazepam. I'm beginning to understand Nietzsche and Kant ... finally.
Just sayin',
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