... Two nights ago I started taking 30mg Cymbalta and .125mg Mirapex. The mirapex defiantly helps my severe restless legs/arms/body! But now I'm just tossing and turning all night with insomnia, just an all over uncomfortable feeling, but nothing like typical RLS. I did try 1mg Ativan & 1 Immovane for sleep but it was no help. I was previously taking 100mg Tramadol, 5/325 oxycodone as needed, 1mg Ativan, 7.5mg Immovane, and sometimes 25mg Elavil. When I check my meds for drug interactions it says I can't take Elavil-Mirapex, but it also says I can't take Elavil-Tramadol or half my meds with Tramadol, but have been for years not knowing there was any risk! Has anyone taken the Cymbalta-Mirapex combo and had to use something for insomnia? I don't know if I can go another night like this, I feel so terrible the next day I can't do anything but sit around.