I started off with 30mg, this was given to me by my doctor, to help me with aniexty and some depression after taking it now since 2007 I have increased per doctor to 60mg. Not long ago I went to see a rheumatologist he said I had fibromyalgia, the joint pain I was having was due some to this and arthritis . Told him I was on cymbalta 60mg a day, he up the doses to 120mg a day. What do you think? For me I think I need to try something new for my aniexty and the fibromyalgia. Haven't had the so called side effects just some weight gain. Some days I feel good other days don't want to move off couch. Have I taken this too long??? Will soon be 72 in November. I can't sleep at night havent been able too for lots of years. I take the generic for ambien 10mg, I try break them in half. So that's it. Would love to know what the doc on call thinks.