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Does Cymbalta make you gain weight? What is the best kind of medicine anxiety?

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janiebme 30 May 2013

Hi gatorhater26-
I think the Cymbalta is a coin toss with the weight issue. We all have different chemistry.
Best anxiety med, again depends on the person. Talk to your doc about it.
There are a lot of meds that may work for you but your doc or psychiatric doc are the best to advise you.
Best of Luck Take Care

Sarah50 3 Jun 2013

It does not cause weight gain for everyone. But... it has for me. My best friend takes Zoloft, another SSRI, & it's caused her weight gain. My sister has taken Wellbutrin & had no weight gain. (She only takes it as needed, though, not constant. Once every few years, for about a month.) My mom takes Prozac & she's certain SSRI's cause her weight gain.

Currently, most daily Anxiety Rx's are SSRI's, I've discovered. Have had generalized anxiety disorder since the age of 5. Gatorhater26, if you're Anxiety is pretty bad, don't let our experiences deter you from treatment. You may not gain weight at all & can feel a lot better.

I take Cymbalta for Fibromyalgia & Generalized Anxiety Disorder (no depression issues.) Am certain it caused weight gain because I "tapered off," via Dr. supervision, a few years ago because of weight gain.
Within 6 weeks, I lost 30 lbs., with ZERO change in eating & exercise. (I don't eat much at all... never have... & exercise for one hour, 4 to 5 days a week.. Never EVER had weight issues until I began taking SSRI's. First Celexa, then Cymbalta.)
Unfortunately, within 4 months, the Anxiety Disorder came back worse than before. Reluctantly went back on Cymbalta... because I'll take unwanted weight gain, over Anxiety Disorder, any day of the week! Cymbalta has worked better than any daily dosage Anxiety Rx that I've ever taken. (Still hoping for scientists to find an Anxiety Disorder cure w/o side affects, though.) free discount card

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