I am looking for help and advice. I am 42, and a year ago I was prescribed Cymbalta for chronic pain. It did help, but I immediately started experiencing brain fog and fatigue; when I spoke to the doctor she increased my dose and told me to 'push through'. I am a mother, with three children (one of which is special needs), and a special education teacher. I cannot be lost all day, so (after nearly a year) I went to another physician and asked to be taken off. I weaned down, and was off. I felt pretty good too... for about a week and then my life ended. I became more and more 'foggy', I am experiencing brain zaps, horrid nightmares, periods of uncontrollable crying, a sudden increase in pain, changes in my temperament, and suicidal thoughts... among others.

Last weekend, I lost my temper with my special needs son and used physical punishment, something that I have never done before. I have grown to hate myself. I yell at my children for the tiniest infractions. I cry constantly. I have no interest sexually in my husband. I have no impulse control, and have caused us to fall behind in bills. I forget to pay them, spend the money without remembering I have done it. I forget appointments for myself, and my children. I cannot live like this, and it will most likely cost me my job if it continues. My home is a disaster, as I do not have the energy or desire to clean it. I continuously have thoughts that my family would be better without me. For now, I am still logical enough to redirect my thoughts; but they are becoming more frequent and more severe. I have thoughts that I should not only harm myself, but take my children (mostly my son) with me.

I am scared. To clarify; I did not experience any of these difficulties before Cymbalata. Prior to beginning this medication my life was good, with the exception of the chronic pain. Right now, I would give anything to go back to that again and not live in the hell that has become my life any longer. Is there anything I can do to lessen these symptoms, or to eradicate them completely. I have considered restarting the medication, but feel that would be like putting a bandaid on gun shot wound. I am going to see my physician again on Monday, but I am afraid to tell her everything because I don't want to be labeled as mental, when in truth I know all of this is a result of this horrid medicatin. This medication should not be prescribed, and if it is, those who receive it should be thoroughly aware of the affect this medication will have on their lives, that after this medicine is finished with them; they may not have a life left.