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Does cymbalta have a control supstance in it causing it to be a scheduled drug if so what is it?

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kaismama 9 Oct 2013

It has only duloxetine and that doesn't have a reason for it to be scheduled. Its an antidepressant, and has a low incidence of abuse.

johnw489 9 Oct 2013

i really miss taking cymbalta. it served a purpose of two medications in one. i have severe depression and you feel like all your bones and flesh aches along with it. when i had private insurance my doc suggested we try cymbalta versus adderrall prozac and gabapenton. about 2 weeks later i noticed a marked change. i left the addrerral and prozac and only had to take the cymbalta. my doc was not too concerned about the prozac i used to take but he always told me that the adderral or ritalin are tough on the heart. yeah i know cymbalta is not classifed as a narcotic or schedule 3 or lower because he started me with samples and he could not store narcotics in a sample room. also the narcotics are super strict in prescribing. it took a lot of i.d. to get it filled and i always thought the pharmacist looked at me like i was doing something wrong as there is a growing stigma about people that use these ampetamine type prescriptions. best of health to you pmullin. and wonderful to see my friend here helping you alone. bless you friend... john free discount card

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