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Cymbalta - What are my chances of weight gain?

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Inactive 9 May 2013

Hello jwarfield. Results vary from one individual to the other but in clinical trials, 9% of people reported a loss of appetite. 2% reported a loss in weight when taking Cymbalta. Regards pledge

bdwallace1978 9 May 2013

It depends on your family history your matabolisam and thiroid to if you have deep concerns you should consult your dr.

bdwallace1978 9 May 2013

I'm sorry I feel like an idiot I wasn't trying to be a jerk really I didn't realize the question was about cymbalta & just through an answer out there.

lady2882 9 May 2013

When I was on Cymbalta I was so nauseated most of the time that I did not eat much so had no problem with weight until I got diarrhea from it then I lost weight.
That said everyone is different and it will really depend on how you react to it and how high a dose you end up on. I understand that on higher doses 90mg and up that weight gain is quite common. free discount card

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