Title says it all. I'm 30 years old and have had 7 knee surgeries due to screwed up meniscus cartilage in both knees. My last surgery was a transplant on my right knee. I've had 3 on left, 4 on the right. I've been diagnosed with overactive nerve pain which is TERRIBLE. My RA is trying Cymbalta to deal with the nerve pain and it seems to be working, but just barely. I still struggle with daily pain in both knees. I have been on 30mg for the first week, I'm starting the 2nd week now and currently taking 60mg. Since the 2nd day on this medication, I have noticed my sex drive slowly dropping and now it's barely there at all. I mean, sure I still love having sex with my wife and still want to basically 24/7 but for the first time in my life, it was hard to get an erection and actually keep it the entire time. I also felt like I couldn't ejaculate as quickly as I used to be able to. Is this normal and is there any other medications the doc could give me to get my libido back into shape? Thanks!