I got so I was having panic on cymbakta.. It had something to do with open spaces outside. The back of my neck felt weird. I was on 30 mg twice a day . I tapered on viibryd 40 mg to replace cymbakta and cut down to 30mg on cymbakta for about two weeks . I then got a 20 mg , and stayed in it and tried alternating . I then found my generic 3o and found it had 6 bigger pellets .i had to have a steady dose. I am down to taking two pellets. I think worth about 10 mg. I'm having withdrawals even on viibryd . My dr acts like they never heard if this. My ears ringing , legs tingling , wake up sick with bad dreams and panic. I haven't left my house for two months . I'm so scared I won't get better . I can't believe my dr dies not understand these effects . They referred me to a psychologist but i cant leave house however my dr was nice enough to call in me 20 mg Klonopin twice a day . I hate this cymbalta drug . My ear feels stopped up . This happened before but another dr dropped me on 30 and didn't work down in cymbalta and put me on a drug I took before. I had panic really bad then and had to go back to 3o . I didn't leave house then for 4 months. I also had panic to do with outside. This time feels better but I'm still having withdrawals . In so scared I won't be able to leave the house. Will the viibryd eventually take over ?