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Is Cymbalta available in non-time release form. I'm on a feeding tube and the tiny pellets clog it?

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WildcatVet 29 Nov 2017

Hi, MrAnderson! As far as I've been able to find Cymbalta (duloxetine) is only available in the encapsulated formulation. I might suggest you try to find a compounding pharmacist in your area who might be able to pulverize the granules and mix it into a liquid formulation.
I've also messaged a friend of mine, Chuck, here on the forum who is a pharmacist and may be able to shed some light on your dilemma.
Best regards and good luck! WildcatVet

chuck1957 30 Nov 2017

Mranderson1948; There would not be a way to turn these into a liquid AS my friend Wildcat mentioned all I can think of is talk to the doctor about another one close to it that is not timed release any way you would be changing this could very much put it in a toxic zone. By chance is there a way to pour the beads down and follow it with some liquid to keep them from sticking to the G.I. tube. Anyway, Please call your doctor and see what can be done about this that won't mess up the timed release part and them sticking to youtube. Best of luck to you free discount card

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