My Fiancée has been using Coperin 60 mg for almost an year now. It was first prescribed by her Gastroenterologist. She has been experiencing mood swings, vertigo and headaches ever since she was on it and she always felt that she is sick. To make things worse her Gastroenterologist told her that its to calm down her nerves in her stomach as she has IBS. She is also on lyrica and diazepam if she needs them. She had told me a couple of times that its not helping with her depression and is making it worse. However the specialist keeps asking her to double the medication dose if its not helping and that she can do whatever she wants if she does not want to take it. She also consulted a psychiatrist who was a family friend of hers and he wouldn't suggest anything else but wants her to take it. I am really concerned that these antidepressants when used long-term will have potential side effects and considering her age (she is 21), she shouldn't be on these many medications and disappointed by the fact that the doctors are not helping her. If anyone could help me with any suggestions, it would be highly appreciated