... for about 10 days. I had been taking a 60 mg pill and a 30 mg pill in order to equal 90 mg dosage. So basically what I did was finish the 60 mg pills then finish the 30 mg pills. The 3rd day off I was experiencing a little diarrhea then started feeling dizziness and kind of sick at stomach. 4th day still experiencing dizziness and slight nausea off and on. I thought I had a stomach bug. Have just realized it is withdrawals from Cymbalta. I still sleep well but waking up is hard. That is when the dizziness is worst. After reading other people's withdrawal symptoms I feel grateful that I haven't had other symptoms, then I think or am I just at the beginning. Can anyone give me suggestions on how to relieve the dizziness? And I don't understand what you are referring to as brain zaps. Can someone help me? I was on Cymbalta for about two years due to the stress of my job. Now I am retired and felt like I didn't need the Cymbalta. I am a breast cancer survivor and have to be careful of herbal supplements as my cancer was estrogen positive, so supplements with plant estrogen are not an option