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I have been on cymbalta for 5 days (30 mg). When will I begin to feel better?

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Inactive 29 Feb 2012

Hello blondie. I, not certain if you're taking it off label, such as for pain (Fibromyalgia) or as an antidepressant. You should begin to feel some change, but it might take another two weeks. Give or take a few days either way. Cymbalta as a rule of sorts, as most antidepressants, can take up 4 weeks before the drug is working at its full theraputic potential. Best of wishes,pledge

blondie120 29 Feb 2012

antidepressant. I feel so bad! I can hardly move. My grandmother is dying and that is not helping. Feel so helpless since I am unable to help my mother. I can't even get dressed. Ugh. My stomach feels terrible, can't eat. Mornings are the worst!

Inactive 29 Feb 2012

I understand. And feel bad that yopu're not able to help her at this time. You're in the early stages of taking the drug. I suggest if its so bothersome, you talk to your doctor and ask to stop taking it for now. You'll not be feeling the physical side effects, and thats whats the culprit at the moment,pledge

blondie120 1 Mar 2012

I know I must be more patient, but it is most certainly difficult sometimes. I got great news about my grandmother, though, she is responding to treatment and getting better. Thank the Lord! I have felt pretty good tonight after getting that news. I hope all that happiness when I heard she was getting better, helped my medication flow better through my brain. I honestly do feel better than I have for weeks. I had a very bad day today until I made myself do some things around my house and then heard that great news. I am even planning a trip to see her tomorrow and I have not been out of my pjs for weeks. Hopefully, I will feel this good tomorrow and will be able to dress and get out of my house. Will probably do me good since it is supposed to be 70 degrees tomorrow. Thanks for your help, pledge. I really appreciate you helping me through this. Nobody knows how awful depression and anxiety can be except for those who have gone through it.

Inactive 1 Mar 2012

I'm glad to the good news Blondie. Be well and I hope things continue to be so for your and your family. Weekend is just around the corner, try and enjoy it. Be well and bye bye then,pledge.

lisajznj 29 Feb 2012

I am on Cymbalta for depression and it took about 3 weeks for me. But I am on a much higher dose 120mg. I am having some other physical problems that are causing me pain and also make it hard to get out of bed. (see my profile). The moment I felt the Cymbalta working was one morning when I woke up and I wanted to cry but I couldn't. I don't know if this is good or bad but I think I've been in a little better frame of mind since then. Sorry to tell you it takes so much time but continue to communicate your symptoms to the doctor. And remember, if they get really bad there is no shame in calling a crisis line! All my best to you and I hope you feel better soon! Lisa Z.

blondie120 1 Mar 2012

I go back to the doctor tomorrow. I bet he will up my dosage also. I got some good news about my grandmother today and I feel much better. I was so stressed and anxious about her and knew the way I was feeling i would never be able to attend her funeral. She is now responding to treatment. Poor thing has been so sick with pnemonia, could not breathe, and this led to all out panic attacks. As you can see I get all this depression and anxiety quite honestly. My grandmother and mother and several of my cousins and their children all have it. Gotta love the genes. Thanks for helping me. I know I have to be more patient. 2 more weeks and I can't wait.

lisajznj 1 Mar 2012

All my best to you and Grandma. You will be in my prayers. I'm so glad her treatment is working and you can go visit her. I know it is hard when our loved ones are sick and we feel helpless. I'm also glad you're out of your PJs! Make Small goals everyday and try not to get overwhelmed. I hope all works out for you! Lisa Z. free discount card

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